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One, a black SUV with tinted windows, and the other, a light blue minivan. The SUV is rather nondescript other than the Jesus fish decal tucked in the lower right corner of the back window like an afterthought. The minivan looks the most out of place with all those annoying stick figure, family decals lining the bottom of the back window. From Masturbation to Manhood: The Beckett Gaines Story. There are bound to be a string of underperforming sequels in the years to come. I nervously fiddle with the Walgreens bag in the passenger seat, fishing out a small tube of K-Y jelly and a box of raincoats.

I wonder if I should take the whole box with me. It might seem a little presumptuous. Three raincoats should be enough without coming off as overly eager, I finally decide. I take them out of the box and stuff them into the left front pocket of my jeans. The tube of K-Y I slip into my right. These jeans are way too tight, but they accentuate the perkiness of my ass, so you know, totally worth it. Drawing in a final lungful of Devereaux chutzpah, I get out of the car and lock it behind me. No telling how many freaks are out tonight.

Other than me, that is. A heavy blanket of August humidity covers me from head to toe, reminding me of how overdressed I am in skinny jeans, a starched-within-an-inch-of-its-life long-sleeve, button-down oxford, and freshly polished loafers. Sweat seals the shirt to my skin almost immediately, and gravel crunches under my slick soles as I cross the lot with my head down and my hands shoved deep in my pockets. It seems like Lindsay has one friendemy every season. Tyler's chicken looks wierd. DJ just spontanously pukes, because TDI writers have a sexual fetish for vomit. Izzy's scared to go in a plane, but she's willing to go in World Tour Everyone gives hate for LeShawna fro being scared of Chef in a spider costume, but spider costumes freak me out too.

I like that Chris is actually announcing stuff. He feels like a host in this episode. Bridgette murders a chipmunk. How DID she make it to the merge? Sadie is FAT compared to Courtney. I'll get more into more detail in the Basic Straining review. Gwen and Trent moments are eso beautiful in TDI. The Big Sleep especially. Modern TD relationships aren't as built-up. I also like how Gwen and Trent were formed, to be a "love at first sight" kind of thing. Zoey and Mike were so unrealistic; love at first sight doesn't mean intercourse 3 seconds after you meet someone. Trent and Gwen were done perfectly in TDI. Then TDA came along I hated TDI Tyler because of that.

I was sexually satisfied when Ducan hugged Celion Dion. So Geoff's just chilling on the beach. Is everyone just hanging out right now? Even Heather and LeShawna are chatting. I guess there's not much to do. I ship Trent and Chris. Why does Cody sound drunk in the forest? Why is Tyler doing a challenge again? I always shipped Tyler and Bridgette. I can't be the only one. What else is new. Why is Harold angry at her? Owen's chilling in the green jelly. Did he do anything relevant this episode? So Bridgette, Tyler, and Courtney didn't complete their challenges. Did Harold or Geoff ever complete theirs? Did Tyler really not notice the chickens on the boats until half way across the lake?

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OK, now for the analysis. This episode is just as good as The Sucky Outdoors in terms of content. I didn't find either to be funnier than one another.