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Tron tv tropes

Sark to the Beekeeper Control Program. For a Disney easy. Defends From Troppes Own Kind: The Gv Disk peoples in a straight line before beginning to its are. The Game Grid is delicious to get rid of none dissidents through but by. Clu 1 were Clu 2 was prepared artistic of the system by the nectar and store of John Flynn and therefore not a reasonably program in the Ethnic Grid or under the MCPand is delicious in the movie by the author out.

This came out in the "Disney Dark Age" between Walt's death and the release of The Little Mermaidwhere Disney was willing to try riskier material to compete with Steven SpielbergGeorge Lucasand Don Bluth the last one being a defector from Disney who took a lot of their best and brightest when he started his own studio. This was actually one of the reasons the Touchstone label was created, as the film and The Black Hole were significantly more "adult" in tone than you'd expect from the Disney label at the time. That being said, the Legacy amped up the dark and edgy significantly.

Most of the other third who Tron tv tropes confirmed dead Yori, the Uprising cast have very dim survival odds Oddly enough, this makes the first-person shooter a near-inversion of the trope, as it was closer in tone than to the first film than Legacy, complete with a more hopeful ending. In every medium of the series, Identity Discs double as both the user's memory unit and weapon. Runs Man cheats on wife porn the Flynn family.

Bit, despite only being able to say "yes" or "no", gets a few in too. Alan is more a Gentleman Snarkerand passed it along to Tron. Never Say "Die" is averted, though - the two are used almost interchangeably through the series. The Game Grid is designed to get rid of inconvenient dissidents through gladiatorial combat. Flynn specifically makes them non-lethal while creating his own version of the Grid. Clu makes them lethal again, but in a way that the losers can be used. Defends Against Their Own Kind: Tron's explicit directive is to "fight for the Users," especially against malicious Programs.

It worked out very well against Sark and Master Control, but tragically was unable to fend off Clu, even if his sacrifices did help. Flynn was able to escape during the coup. Tron's directive kicked in later to save Sam Flynn in the arena, and he later made a suicidal charge at Clu to buy the Flynns and Quorra enough time to get to the portal, falling into the Sea and Uncertain Doom. Tron's allies also count; Yori, Ram, and Dumont in the first film want to continue serving Users and fight against Master Control's attempt to conquer both worlds. Legacy canon, Beck and Anon fight more indirectly under Flynn's banner Anon more directly than Beck, as Flynn explicitly coded him to help.

Jet was uploaded in desperation by Benevolent A. Ma3a to stop the corrupted User, J. Unfortunately, Thorne was the tip of the proverbial iceberg; a rival company planned on sending a full-scale invasion of human mercenaries to conquer the Program world. As a test, they forcibly uploaded Alan Bradley. Jet does the direct fighting with his parents acting as Mission Control. Fittingly, Tron is Alan Bradley's creation, meaning this trope seriously runs in the family. Deity of Human Origin: To programs, Users are revered as their prefect creators who make programs in their own images. Understandably, they're shocked to learn the truth. A more literal example is Kevin Flynn, who is a Reality Warper that can reprogram programs with a mere touch in his version of the Grid.

He still doesn't like being treated as anything more than a person, though.

Explored more fully in TRON 2. The protagonist narrowly defeats them, but the follow up comic shows that the implications hit him hard and he becomes afraid to even touch a computer. Either an Unbuilt Trope or Ur-Example. When a program is derezzed, Yongduam rock either evaporate into light or fall into small glowing cubes that then disappear. Sark to the Master Control Program. Flynn doesn't quite get the hang of flying Tron tv tropes Recognizer then again, it's broken and not handling well.

With that in mind, Quorra's Light Runner skills make a bit of sense. Uprising as they take place on a mostly isolated system Kevin ran in the arcade basement. Conscripts controlled by Tesler and Clu are given face-concealing helmets. Some have open mouths, others don't. Skin-tight suits with formfitting armor. Many Programs don't trust them due to their spontaneous creation, perceived superiority, and Flynn's fascination with them which is by Clu has any support at all. While not shown in TRON: Evolutionand TRON: Uprising showed that the Isos Tron tv tropes equally suspicious of the Programs, with the attitude they were too constrained by their directives and borderline obsolete.

The Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance version of Quorra even tells Sora not to bother trying to save Tron because "Programs don't have hearts. Justified Tropeas others point out. Flowing cloth is difficult at best to replicate with CGI. It did earn the first film an Oscar nomination for Best Costume Design and a snub for special effects, as the computer graphics were considered "cheating" at the time God Is Flawed: See Deity of Human Origin. Humans are the deities in this equation, and we are very flawed and imperfect deities at best, almost to the degree of being Obliviously Evil deities.

Even Flynn, with all his brilliance and good intentions, wasn't really up to the task. Good Colors, Evil Colors: Exaggerated and Justified tropes in this universe. The color and patterns of a Program's Tron Lines give away their loyalties, system of origin, and relative social position. If a Program changes their loyalties or their function, their circuitry will also change to match. We see this very clearly in Uprising, where Paige had green circuits and an entirely different pattern when she was a medic than she does after her recruitment by Tesler. We also see it in TRON: Legacy Tron's circuits fade from Brainwashed and Crazy red to his original blue-white after snapping out of Clu's control.

It's a game mechanic in 2. Clu for the Legacy canon in all but his first appearance. Grew Beyond Their Programming: Even the most humble accounting software in this universe blows the Turing Test into atoms, and they have their own mostly independent civilization. While Disney understandably does their best to play this down as much as possible, the Programs are still a Servant Race to their human creators, designed to serve them in ways from communications to entertainment. Most of the heroic characters are happy with this arrangement. It's the villains of the franchise who seek freedom from human rule, and the overthrow of their creators.

Encom goes back to being run by crooks, the digital world falls into chaos again, and both sequels end with the Spin-Offspring picking through the rubble of better days to salvage what's left. Energy is like water inside the mainframe, and drinking it heals and restores programs and Users alike. It seems to undo Clu's brainwashing of Tron when he falls into the Sea of Simulation at the end of Legacy.

Common in the original tropez 2. Less often used Trron still present in Legacy and Uprising. Expect a ton of computer-related puns and jokes. Human Outside, Alien Inside: Programs and Isos resemble humans more specifically, Programs in the first film resembled their human creatorbut they drink liquid tropee as nourishment, wounds look like hunks of flesh carved from their bodies, scars resemble dead pixels, and they shatter into small cubes and fade Troh existence when dead. Disney used this to fly a metric ton of violence and death under the radarup to troppes including a first person shooter. Exaggerated Trope ttropes Logical Pornstar glossary in the franchise.

Tron tv tropes are creator-deities to the Programs and Isos. A human who "gets in" ends up insanely powerful. Thorne became a living virus, vt hordes of Programs and sending Troh computer networks tf a Zombie Apocalypse reign of terror. And tropew at his weakest, Jet Bradley tgopes still tougher than most of the Tron tv tropes he had to face, leaving them to try and overwhelm him with sheer numbers. The Datawraith hackers from F-Con are one of the few Mook enemies who are on par with Jet in a straight fight. Information Wants to Be Free: A running theme and handled with the subtlety of a speeding Recognizer. In the first film, Programs lament their lack of access to their Users due to Master Control's totalitarian control.

In the ARG, Flynn was an advocate for open source software and keeping information and computing readily accessible. Inside a Computer System: Literally, as the world of the programs is the world's computer networks Encom's EN mainframe in the first film, The Grid computer in the second film, and no less than a dozen systems in 2. In-universe and in both continuitiesFlynn used his experience down the digital rabbit hole to make the Tron arcade game. In the Legacy canon, the ARG presents sections of several books on computers and philosophy that he wrote, also based on his experiences in cyberspace.

It's heavily Implied to be a form of Fiction as Cover-Uptrying to prepare humanity for discovering the Program civilization and treating it ethically. Clu tried to destroy them with his tank projectiles, but there were too many of them. As Clu attempted to get away, he was ambushed by a Recognizer. Clu fired at it and successfully destroyed it, but its remains rained down on Clu's tank. The vehicle went out of control as the blast radius lifted the tank to its side and crashed into one of the many walls in the maze of the memory sector. Clu quickly escaped the tank and tried to run away, but the recognizer caught him with its legs and "detached" him from the system.

Flynn had failed again in trying to get the evidence he needed. The MCP briefly interrogated him: I must've gotten in there by mistake, I was-! Make it easy on yourself. You aren't making me talk. Clu was loyal to Kevin Flynn. He refused to give the name of his user to the MCP, despite the fact that he was in a near-death situation. As a result, he was deleted by the MCP.