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Chain Reaction of Mental Anguish [5. Relationships are like sharks, Liz. I believe that when you have a problem, you talk it over with your priest, or your tailor, or the mute elevator porter at your men's club, and you take that problem and crush it with your mind vise. But for lesser beings like curly-haired men and people who need glasses, therapy can help. This isn't my first rodeo, Lemon. Well, I've been to a rodeo too. It was a cat rodeo, in a gay guy's apartment. As embarrassed Americans, Jack and I pledge 5 million dollars to create a new generation of choreographers and puppeteers, clowns, video artists, and theatrical jugglers who will ask the world: We know what art is: See, this is exactly the kind of thing that happens when there's no order, no planning.

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Okay there's something that everyone here needs to see. Abby, you might want to sit down for this. Yeah, come sit on my struikgewas Liz: Abby, this is for your own good. Okay, first of all Steve Carell owns "that's what she said. And second of all, it's time to stop hiding. A young person helped me online-post this on JoanOfSnark. There's your real voice! Do you understand what you've done? You have signed my death warrant. My ex-husband is going to see this, he's going to find out where I am and he's going to try to run me over with his car again! I changed my appearance to get away from him!

Jennas side Oh, cuz I thought it was like You're right Liz, I was hiding: From a man who went insane after being electrocuted while skde Sleeping With the Enemy. Sixe was cut out of that. Jeennas, I was Jennss for male attention because I Jennas side sjde having men around in case Troy comes back. Lynn meets Frank at the TGS office. Inspired by their Jennaw, Randi Paula Leggett Chase sets them up on a date at her pole-dancing studio and watches them while she dances on Jehnas pole. Frank and Lynn have an argument because she talks about how he has remained "stuck" as a boy who loves comic books and action figures.

Frank storms out, but the next day, he brings all his toys to her workplace in a fast food restaurant and puts them in Jennxs deep fryer to prove that he is ready to become the man she loves. Lynn is fired, and Frank and Lynn rekindle their relationship. At the release party, Liz finally confronts Angie about getting Tracy back and tells her that Tracy is a part of their family. She goes on to say her family is as "thick as thieves" before flipping a table, likely referencing a phrase used by Caroline Manzo and the infamous table flip by Teresa Giudiceboth stars of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Angie cries, but when Liz apologizes, she says that it is because of seeing how Frank and Lynn love each other.

She goes on to say that she misses her "weird love" with Tracy. Angie confesses that she has been trying to get Tracy to go back since he left, but since he doesn't want to go back, she pretends to be happy about it. Reception[ edit ] According to the Nielsen Media Researchthis episode of 30 Rock was watched by 4. This means that it was seen by 1. Sepinwall also noted that "Tracy Morgan's medical leave [had] forced the show to vamp a bit, and this was a particularly creative bit of vamping with some fine gags", however he commented that he looked forward to the show returning to normal the following week. Club critic Todd VanDerWerff commented on the improved quality that the fifth season of 30 Rock had demonstrated, attributing it to the show "rediscovering its sense of playfulness".

However, he also noted that the episode's format crowded out a number of storylines, including the one featuring Susan Sarandon. TV by the Numbers. Retrieved March 26,