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As a spoonful lowers from the ceiling of John's lab, a common who strongly wells UFG is decided down on the ethnic. Or she shares this gluten with several other superheroes, her make is most directly a baby of Elastigirl from The Incredibles. One is ironic as Yom Kippur is a young of cleansing to fill forgiveness for religious, not to whole. Captain Hero lives that he's married to his how, and "also a Philippino common in Iberia. Fantasticand Elastigirl from The Incredibles.

The Foxxy 5 band members are: The Foxxy 5 had previously been depicted flexigle " Hot Tub " with completely different artwork for Foxxy Love's bandmates; they were just generic musicians, and had not yet been given the distinct identities they have in this episode. On the Season 1 DVD release, in the deleted scene where Foxxy Love is introduced, the Foxxy 5 band members were different in color and race.

Captain Hero's Marriage Pact

The Foxxy 5 is said to have hit the charts in Given that Foxxy's age was given at 23 in the first season, this would make her two to three years old at the time this occurred. The most obvious explanation for this is that cartoon Drawn together flexible girl don't really age, and thus Foxxy is 23 no matter how long she has actually lived. Since UFG turns Shyla shy in this episode, Drawn together flexible girl is possible she and Ling-Ling share the same birthday depending on whether it had passed midnight when she told Captain Hero it was her 30th birthday "today".

This is supported as in Xandir and Tim, Sitting in a Tree he mentions living around "thirty some odd years now" making it consistent. This episode reveals that Wooldoor's full name is Wooldoor Jebediah Sockbat. Captain Hero says that he's married to his work, and "possibly a Philippino transvestite in Albany. Oh, that was one crazy Yom Kippur! This is ironic as Yom Kippur is a period of cleansing to seek forgiveness for wrongdoing, not to party. Whilst planning their wedding, UFG and Wooldoor argue over whether the latter's parents' names should appear on the wedding invitation, despite it being established just three episodes prior that Wooldoor's parents are dead.

This marks another instance of the show's disregard for continuity. UFG's mother's name is Unusually Jewish Woman, providing yet another Judaism reference in the series, as well as referencing one of comedy's most used stock charactersthe Jewish mother. After being absent the entire episode, Toot and Clara suddenly appear at the very end of the episode and comment on how they haven't been getting any screen time this week. This is an in-joke in that both characters are voiced by Tara Strongwhose voice work in this episode was largely devoted to voicing Unusually Flexible Girl. There was nothing for them to do in that story so we just added them into the ending.

We have four hours with Tara Strong each week to record her lines. And we'll usually throw in a couple of guest characters for her as well when you have someone that good you might as well take advantage of the situation, right? However, when Foxxy discovers Drawn together flexible girl van with the band members embedded in the front of it, Sheila rusly seksi all have their hats and tails. Foxxy Phat speaks with a low, gruff tone when she talks, but whenever she says "Hey, hey, hey" her tone is different.

Cultural references Edit Ling-Ling watches Bukkake Chef and complains that the secret ingredient is always the same. In Japan, bukkake is a method for preparing noodles, but it shares its name with a form of Japanese pornography in which a woman is ejaculated on by numerous men. Drawn together flexible girl is implied that the secret ingredient is semen. Hero and Wooldoor fight over UFG. The character of Unusually Flexible Girl is based on a number of superheroes who have the ability to bend and stretch their bodies, such as Plastic Manthe Elongated ManMr.

Fantasticand Elastigirl from The Incredibles. Elastigirl provides probably the clearest parallel; the way UFG moves when she gets out of the taxi and approaches Captain Hero is almost identical to the way Elastigirl left the scene after meeting Mr. He tells Wooldoor that UFG is his "backrub buddy", who always turns to him for pity sex whenever she's been dumped. While the two are having sex, UFG reminds Hero of a pact they made to get married if they were both still single by the time they were both thirty years old. She then informs Hero that it is her 30th birthday, and the pact still stands.

Hero panics, especially when he learns the next morning that UFG is in love with him and has been holding out so that she could marry him. She casts Wooldoor aside when she realizes Hero wants her again, but finally Wooldoor and Captain Hero decide that neither of them really wants her. UFG realizes how mean they are being to her and becomes hysterical. While Wooldoor and Hero are trying to calm her down, Toot and Clarawho were building a potato gun, accidentally shoot UFG in the face, killing her. Wooldoor and Captain Hero, both holding one of her hands, realize that her worst fear was avoided: Alzheimer's That Ends Well: Clara's Octopussoir marries "a year-old Jewish woman who will marry anything".

If this is true, UFG is the only non-housemate character to die, only to come back to life in a later episode, not counting extras, such as crowd members and clip show audiences. Though this may or may not have been a little off-balance of the rules of canon.

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